3 SKYVAC units installed in a desert alongside a natural gas pipeline


General Specifications
Enclosure ISO Container
Dimensions L×W×H 20’ × 8’ × 14’ 6.1m × 2.5m × 4.3m
Environment Outdoor
Ambient Temperature -4 °F to 140 °F -20 ℃ to 60 ℃
Designation IP66 General Purpose
Annual Energy Output 1800 MMBTU 520 MWh



Outside air is vacuumed through a molecular sieve to isolate CO2 molecules, increasing CO2 concentration from 0.04% atmospheric to 30%.


CO2 is reacted with electrolytic hydrogen over a proprietary catalyst to produce CH4 in the Sabatier process.

CO2 + 4H2 CH4 + 2H2O


CH4 is fed through an RNG interconnection into a natural gas distribution network.

Alternate angle of 3 SKYVAC units installed in a desert alongside a natural gas pipeline


On Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Use SKYVAC AIR-NG™ to immediately slash CO2 emissions wherever natural gas is used.

Net Carbon Intensity
Kilograms CO2 released per MMBTU
98 kg 0lbs Lignite Coal
53 kg 0lbs Natural Gas
Zero 0lbs AIR-NG

Burning 19 MMBTU of AIR-NG in the place of fossil natural gas eliminates 1 metric ton of CO2 emissions.

A single SKYVAC unit provides the energy demand of 14 gas-heated homes in the U.S. northeast region.

On Methane Emissions

Leakage of unburned “fugitive methane” from natural gas infrastructure is believed to be responsible for around 3% of all global heating.

Over 75% of methane leakage occurs upstream, from drilling operations and long-distance transmission pipelines.

SKYVAC produces and injects renewable natural gas downstream—as close to end users as possible—achieving methane emission intensity lower than any fossil natural gas in the market.