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    Company History

    SKYVAC founding engineers began working in environmental catalysis in the 1980’s at the University of Michigan.

    They developed an innovative catalytic converter for General Motors to remove NOX from auto exhaust—a technological solution for acid rain.

    In the process, they constructed a research-grade CO2-to-CH4 Sabatier reactor and published the influential ZGB model for catalyst distribution.

    In 1994, Dr. Yoav Barshad co-founded Applied Analytics, an industry leader in measurement technologies for environmental applications like natural gas desulfurization, CO2 recycling, and biomethane RNG quality control.

    SKYVAC was formed in 2022 to develop a technology inspired by this cross-disciplinary engineering experience.



    We are equipped to provide a wide range of regional certifications and hazardous area classifications.

    ISO 9001:2015
    ATEX Explosion-Proof
    (European Union)
    IECEx Explosion-Proof